About Us

Mountain Mommy

Mountain MommyI’m a 33 year old wife and mother.  I live in rural NH (there are 83 people living in my town, according to the last census).  I work full time, and when I’m not doing that I’m chasing after my 4 and 6 year old boys.  We happen to live at the top of a mountain in a big, but sometimes falling apart house.  I like to cook and play with my kids, read and watch movies.  Some might call me a geek.  My day job is running a Help Desk.  I constantly struggle with devoting enough time to my career while keeping my family my top priority.  Welcome to the window into my hectic life.


Mountain Daddy

ZachBen (names changed to protect the mostly innocent) is a geek.  A smart, funny, hardworking geek.  His day job has his working as a software engineer for a silicon valley company (that thankfully opened a local office).  He also teaches web development at the local college.  Before we were married and had kids, he could get lost in a project and forget to eat or leave the office.  Thankfully he’s gotten a bit better at that.  Now, he is a dedicated father who drops his boys off at school in the morning and is there to play video games with them in the evenings (after homework).  He’s pretty handy around the house too, which is a good thing since we are constantly working on some sort of house project.


IMG_1892Gus (name changed to protect the mostly innocent) is our first born.  He is six going on forty.  Gus has an innate respect for rules and authority, but is also a bit of a follower.  Depending on who he chooses for friends, he can either come across as really, really good, or a slightly naughty kid.  He is the most amazing big brother I have ever met.  Sure, there are skirmishes once in a while, but for the most part he is sweet, and understanding and patient with his brother.  Of course every parent things their child is the brightest bulb in the pack and we are no different.  The kid is smart, and entirely capable of doing anything he put effort into.  Growing up in a geeky, technology-rich household has set Gus on the geeky path pretty early, but we think that’s a good thing.



010 (11)Augie (name changed to protect the mostly innocent) is our second son.  The first six months of his life were quiet – he was a good baby.  Then, he discovered his voice and nothing has been quiet about that child since then.  Pre-speech the screech that child could produce might have broken glass if he kept it up long enough.  Once he learned to talk, the screeching died down (thankfully) but he has never hesitated to let someone know his opinion.  Augie is smart (he shocks us with his memory retention and situational awareness fairly regularly) and stubborn.  He is sweet and can be shy.  Augie is our high-low kid.  When he is sweet, he can melt your heart with his thoughtfulness.  But when he’s mad, oh boy…


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