The Parent-Teacher Conference

Mountain Daddy and I went to Gus’ parent-teacher conference yesterday.  Gus is the youngest kid in his class (his birthday is 10 days before the cutoff date…) but does pretty well academically.  I wouldn’t call him a genius, but he falls into the high average or above average range usually.  It’s nice to see his progress from the fall to now.  I’m struggling with a few things though.  First, I remember being near the top of my class when I was young.  The expectation was for A’s, or in this case 100’s.  And for the most part, I achieved that.  Gus isn’t quite there, and I don’t know if our expectations are where they should be (he enjoys school and completes his work, what more can I ask for?) or if we should express a desire for 100’s…

Secondly, Gus’ teacher needed to speak with us about Gus’ behavior.  This was a surprise for the kid who always follows the rules.  Unfortunately, there are 1/2 a dozen or so rambunctious boys in Gus’ class, and he is a follower.  It’s not hard to see what is happening, but how do we fix it?  How do you explain to a 6 year old that his choice in friends is going to get him in trouble?  I think I’ve drilled into his head that he needs to listen to his teacher the first time she speaks.  He needs to not fool around in the cubby area, and he needs to follow the rules.  We’ll keep it up, and hopefully see some improvement by the time report cards come out next month.  The last report card had all C’s (for commendable) on classroom behaviors.  I’m not sure we’ll see that this time around…


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